Sunday, November 25, 2012

Alfalfa Sprout

"Hmm....  I would like to have some raw salad before my meal for healthier life."  
In this day of vegetables treated with chemicals, picked before maturity, shipped thousands of miles and stored many days.  It will be refreshing to try a really crisp, fresh food.  Let's start sprouting seeds!  

Sprouting Directions:
Directions for one quart sprouting jar.  If you are using a 1/2 gallon jar, double the amount of seeds.
1. Obtain high quality untreated alfalfa seeds which have been tested for germination.  
2. Place 2 tablespoons alfalfa seeds soak for 4 hours.
3. Drain the water from the jar.  Rinse seeds in fresh water again drain again.
4. Lay the jar at an angle in dark place.
5. Rinse and drain seeds twice or three times a day.
6. On the third day of sprouting, rinse the hulls off your jar & place the babies alfalfa in indirect sunlight to develop chlorophyll.
7. The 4th, 5th, 6th... days, enjoy your fresh alfalfa with your favorite dressing.

  • Even the youngsters enjoy growing a crop for their meals.


  1. I am glad you really use the sprouting bottle often. Maybe you could share on the process of sprouting.

    1. Haha... I was in the middle of writing this & I put on the future date, but it posted automatic anyway. Still learning.

  2. "Hmm.... I would like to have some raw salad before my meal for healthier life." - Same here! Greens should always be included in one’s menu! And thank you for sharing these pointers for growing alfalfa. I’m sure a lot of health conscious people would love to give it a try. If I may add, when sprouting alfalfa, you should first examine your seeds on a flat, well-lit surface before placing it in the jar. Foreign materials and damaged seeds should be discarded.

  3. Ethan Frye, I am so happy to meet an other health conscious people here. I always like to share with people what we can do to enjoy better health. Thank you so much for your addition, it was a good suggestion. I bought the high quality organic alfalfa seeds, so glad did not find any other foreign materials.