Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Guilin Trip

Hubby and I wanted to go somewhere from the busy work & life, to recharge physically, mentally and spiritually, to give ourselves a break, to have quality time together.  Where is the best place for us to travel?  After we have thought for a while, last month we decided to go to Guilin, China, because we have heard so much about the beauty of it, yet never been there.  

This time, we did not go by backpack, but we joined Deluxe tours company in Malaysia with the other 27 people (most of them were couples) together, yet both of us was the youngest one.  We arrived China, NanNing airport in the evening, after a good night rest, we traveled to Guilin, Yang Shuo. 

In these eight days, we have traveled so many places, seen their cultures and heard their stories.  I am going to write down our journey with beautiful pictures with it.

Reed Flute Cave
Reed Flute Cave, that was beautiful stalactites with colorful lights shined on the stone pillars and stone flowers.

Cormorant Fishing
This is a traditional fishing method in which Guilin fishermen use trained Cormorants to fish in rivers.

The Great Banyan Tree

Cruise along Li River
We have been seeing so many traditional Chinese paintings painted Li River, finally we got a chance to be here, to cruise the Li River, to have a mile-long natural gallery.  After hours of cruise, the beauty of Yangshuo, Guilin all seal in our memories.

Moon Hill which is the symbol of Yangshuo

We stayed a night at a 5 star hotel in Merryland, that was awesome.


Impression Liu Sanjie show
Unlike the traditional artificial stage performance, the Impression Liu Sanjie is a great work of both man and nature.  But the day we watched this show in raining, we had our rain coats on.  The inspiration of this show is nature. "We only do half of the work while the other half is done by the nature" said the director Zhang Yimou.

Shangri-La (Shi Wai Tao Yuan) 

Colorful and beautiful Xiu Qiu(Embroidered Balls) 
was taken in Shangri-La (Shi Wai Tao Yuan)

The 4A Yi Jiang Yuan Area

The 4A Yi Jiang Yuan Area, 
we asked to sing a song then can cross over this bridge

Longsheng Longji Rice Terraces

Fubo Hill

Sun Moon Pagada

Liu Shan Jie Grand View Garden

Liu Shan Jie Grand View Garden

Elephant Trunk Hill

Overall, this trip was rejuvenating our body and soul to prepare for the new challenges in our lives.  

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  1. Great photos of Guilin. Sharing with you an article about the Liu sanjie show in http://stenote.blogspot.com/2017/12/liu-sanjie-show-at-li-river.html
    Watch also video in Youtube at : https://youtu.be/LGSdvSa0tg0