Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Flowers

I had been staying in the States for a while and the four seasons really excited me, warm summer, cooling autumn, white winter, and colorful spring.  I liked to take pictures of spring flowers yet was not too care about the pollen allergic. ^.*  
I am going to share some of my flowers collection photos and a spring story here.  

I remembered one spring time, I received an email from a girl who complained about her life just miserable, hopeless, families and friends couldn't understand her.  She was telling me how she was not as good as her twin brother that let her did not have confidence.  The email caught my attention for I had desire to help this girl to see the bright side of her life.  I had been thinking about her case and did not want to take too long to reply her email.  I walked on the street along with spring flowers at two sides of it, and there were happy tulips blooming at that time for that new season.  From the nature, I always learn lessons and an idea came to my mind to reply her.  I run back to my room and started to type her an email.

Dear **,
I was glad that you wrote me the email as I really concern about you.  When I took a walk today, I saw beautiful tulips bloom right after daffodils, every flowers have their timing to grow and bloom.  Even at the dark days of winter, no one would realize there are lives under the thick white show.  But when spring arrives, the sequences of blooms is similar in the most places.  You are still young and have so much space to learn and grow.  Your spring will come one day, just need to be patient.  I believe you will be a very nice, colorful, and charming flower.  One more thing before I end, tulips are different compare with daffodils, if you would ask me which one is more beautiful, I would say they are all beautiful in different ways.  Everyone has their own talents and strong points, do not compare with the others but we can learn of each other.

I love you and God loves you.  

Two days later, she replied me, " Thank you so much, I understand what you said.  I will be okay."  I very thankful for she is a happy girl again after the winter.  
How many winters we will have in our lives is not important, the most important is we always have hope for tomorrow.  

How many flowers of my photos do you know the names?  And how many have you seen them before?  They are all colorful and beautiful, aren't they?

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